The team behind Nostos

We believe cooperation is the future of business.
Black and white portrait of Eric Frost

Eric Frost, CEO

Eric is an entrepreneur and founder. Throughout his career, he’s worked at a series of small independent and large non-independent companies in digital, advertising, and marketing. Working across different lifecycles and sizes of companies, Eric has experienced first-hand what makes a great company and culture. These experiences not only proved invaluable when founding Zeus Jones, but stoked a passion in Eric for helping agencies stay independent and thrive.

Black and white portrait of Ashleigh Penrod

Ashleigh Penrod, Managing Director

Ashleigh was a strategist and producer at Zeus Jones before joining Nostos. Prior to that, she was a non-profit marketing manager, dance professor, choreographer, fundraiser, owner of her own yoga business, barista, and hotel sales manager. In all of her roles, she’s focused on finding the intersection of the dreams and the details — and making sure users have the best possible experience. She’s passionate about independent companies and how they can make our communities stronger.

Black and white portrait of Marshall Fenty

Marshall Fenty, Member Support Lead

Marshall is a creative vessel. He is dedicated to exploring creative endeavors, people, and societies. As a collector of skills, he has operated his own professional photography and audio practices, been a continuous adult education leader, and a workforce manager. Careful pathfinding has focused Marshall on an enthusiasm for the importance of relationship building and community gestation for independent organizations. He advocates that connectivity breeds partnership, passion, and possibility.

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