Who Is Nostos?

We're a community of best-in-class agencies who work well together and are passionate about being independent.

Ecotone Analytics

Ecotone Analytics works with partners to account for the impact their work creates and communicate that value to stakeholders.

  • Business strategy
  • Impact
  • Measurement

ESG Solutions

ESG Solutions is passionate about transforming ESG risk and compliance into opportunity.

  • Business innovation
  • Impact
  • Measurement
  • Organizational strategy


Foundry defines, designs, and builds custom software applications for businesses and consumers.

  • Digital transformation
  • Product development
  • Software
  • UX / UI

Glas Lab

Glas Lab helps entrepreneurs and smaller companies get their brands into market quickly and competitively.

  • Brand design
  • Brand strategy
  • Graphic design

Greyduck Creative

Greyduck Creative is a motion design and UI animation studio specializing in 2D and 3D animation.

  • Animation
  • Motion design
  • Storytelling


HCMA is a collection of transdisciplinary architects and designers solving complex societal problems.

  • Architecture
  • Experience design
  • Environments


Ingredient inspires connections between brands and consumers through the celebration of food.

  • Brand creative
  • Campaigns
  • Digital marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Photography


Knit helps organizations make customer-centric decisions by better understanding Gen Z.

  • Consumer research
  • Cultural insights
  • Influencers


Livefront designs and builds remarkable mobile apps.

  • Product innovation
  • Product development
  • Software
  • UX / UI


Minnow is a design studio helping to create memorable, relevant, and timeless brands.

  • Brand creative
  • Brand design
  • Graphic design
  • Package design