These are the values we agree to uphold in the Nostos community.



First and foremost, Nostos is built upon trust. When others open up their client network with you, or share expertise or confidential information, it’s expected that you will diligently honor and uphold the trust placed in you.



In all interactions that happen inside the network, outside the network, and on social, treat everyone with respect and have each other’s backs. Feel free to challenge, debate, and provide provocative thinking, but do so in a way that considers others’ perspectives and experiences.



Keep on top of your areas of expertise and bring your A-game to all Nostos projects. This is a community of best-in-class agencies, and we will hold ourselves and others to high standards.



Beyond business transactions, we’re here to help each other evolve and tackle the challenges our industry is facing. Be open to sharing your expertise and experience, and respect others who may have tackled a challenge differently or have a different vision for the future.



Freely and willingly share the information you’d want to know and expect to know from other members. Report all Nostos activity as honestly and accurately as you can.


Shared Wellbeing

The network thrives when we’re all looking out for each other. Keep an eye out for doors that you can open for other members, look for ways to help promote the network, and share ideas for how you think the network can better serve members.

For Members

Keep your ownership.

Inspire your people.

Tackle more ambitious problems.

Share connections.

Share success.

For Clients

Solve your toughest challenges.

Get innovative solutions.

Work with passionate experts.

Forge deeper relationships.

Build capability.